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Tom Wilson


Tom and Susan Wilson have been in ministry since 1996.  Tom's areas of emphasis include preaching, teaching and counseling. Susan teaches in our Kid's Church ministry and on Wednesday Evenings.

Paul Flury


Paul and Carol Flury are both active in the teaching ministry at Strong Tower.  Paul teaches the Sunday Morning adult class and carol teaches in our Kid's Church ministry.

George Hawkins


George and Nancy Hawkins lead our missions emphasis.  Nancy serves as our Administrative Assistant.

Mike Wigton


Mike and Valerie Wigton have a ministry of service at Strong Tower. Mike coordinates property upkeep as well as the usher ministry and Valerie has a ministry of compassion and encouragement.

Tim Whitlock


Tim and Debi Whitlock have a ministry of service at Strong Tower. Tim uses his gifts in administration and Debi has a ministry of encouragement.  

Martin Greer


Martin and Marilyn Greer have a ministry of service at Strong Tower. Martin is our resident artist and Marilyn has taught in our Wednesday evening ministry.

Nancy Hawkins

Administrative Assistant

Nancy takes care of everything office related and manages the accounting processes at Strong Tower.